1871 - Blean Workhouse - Whitstable born people

Here we continue into 1871 with the Whitstable born people recorded in the Blean Union Workhouse at Herne during the time of the census. On these records some of the paupers were shown as imbeciles. It serves no purpose to use these descriptions here as it is well known that the term was used by the Victorians to classify many ailments that would have been treatable today. The buildings were later converted into a hospital and more recently been developed into a residential area known as Canterbury Fields.

Blean Union Workhouse – 1871 Census, Whitstable born people.
Name Position M/F M/S/W Age Occupation Where Born
ANDREWS, Hannah Pauper F 7 Scholar Whitstable
APPLETON, John Pauper M S 30 Whitstable
APPLETON, Nancy Pauper F S 22 Whitstable
CARDEN, James Pauper M M 70 Formerly Sailor Whitstable
CARR, Leonard Pauper M S 61 Formerly Baker Whitstable
CARR, Thomas Pauper M W 54 Baker Seasalter
CLARINGBOLD, Thomas Pauper M W 77 Labourer Whitstable
CLEAVER, John Pauper M 10 Scholar Whitstable
CLEAVER, Rosannah Pauper F 2 Whitstable
CURD, James Pauper M 11 Scholar Seasalter
HARE, James Pauper M 9 Scholar Whitstable
HOCKLESS, Elizabeth Pauper F S 21 Whitstable
KEMSLEY, Clara Pauper F 5 Scholar Whitstable
KEMSLEY, Henry Pauper M 9 Scholar Whitstable
KEMSLEY, Mary Ann Pauper F S 28 Laundress Whitstable
MERCER, Edward Pauper M 7 Scholar Whitstable
MERCER, Esther Pauper F 8 Scholar Whitstable
MERCER, Grace Pauper F 5 Scholar Whitstable
PHILPOTT, Richard Pauper M S 76? Formerly Blacksmith Whitstable
PORT, Annie Pauper F S 25 Housemaid Whitstable
REGAN, Charlotte Pauper F 11 Scholar Whitstable
REGAN, Johannah Pauper F 10 Scholar Whitstable
REGAN, Olive Pauper F 6 Scholar Whitstable
REGAN, Thomas Pauper M 4 Scholar Whitstable
SMITH, Henry Pauper M 10 Scholar Whitstable
SMITH, William Pauper M W 63 Formerly Sailor Whitstable
STRAND, Esther Pauper F 9 Scholar Whitstable
STRAND, Francis Pauper F 13 Scholar Whitstable
STRAND, Frederick Pauper M 8 Scholar Whitstable
STRAND, Mary Jane Pauper F 8 Scholar Whitstable
STROUD, Guv?? Pauper F S 17 Whitstable
STROUD, Mary Ann Pauper F 6 mths Whitstable
STURGES, William Pauper M W 73 Agr. Labourer Whitstable
WOOD, John Pauper M S 65 General labourer Whitstable