1861 – Blean Workhouse – Whitstable born people

Some more Whitstable born people who may not have been where you were searching for them. Once again, no guarantees on the spelling as some of the writing is difficult to decipher.

Surname Forename Age M/F Born in
Brett Stephen Pauper 84 M Whitstable
Brett Henry Pauper 72 M Whitstable
Carr Leonard Pauper 42 M Whitstable
Day Thomas Pauper 67 M Seasalter
Day John Pauper 61 M Whitstable
Edenden Emma Pauper 41 F Whitstable
Greenwood James Pauper 74 M Whitstable
Haselton Susan Pauper 51 F Whitstable
Haselton William Pauper 10 M Whitstable
Haselton Allen Pauper 3 M Whitstable
Haselton Adelia Pauper 2 F Whitstable
Hockless Elizabeth Pauper 9 F Whitstable
Jurman Lucy Pauper 15 F Seasalter
May Charlotte Pauper 11 F Whitstable
Menter James Pauper 73 M Whitstable
Menter Mary Pauper 73 F Whitstable
Pidduck Ellen Pauper 22 F Whitstable
Smith William Pauper 61 M Whitstable
Warner Thomas Pauper 79 M Whitstable
Waters Elizabeth Pauper 36 F Whitstable