1872 – Whitstable & Seasalter Parish Magazine

The following baptism, marriage and burial announcements were found in a book, entitled ‘Parish Magazine’ which turned out to be a book of Sermons, short stories, historical reports and some illustrations. I would imagine many such books were printed where, like here, the last few pages were the local church magazine.

In this case these pages are those from St. Alphage Church, covering Whitstable and Seasalter, and includes many of the family names we are familiar with.

A word of warning when reading the Baptism records. They are laid out in the format of: Child’s forenames, fathers forename, mothers forename, fathers surname, fathers occupation.

If you did not realise this it would be easy to read the data incorrectly as very often a parent’s surname was used as a child’s middle name.

This can help when linking families together as it sometimes uncovers a mother’s maiden name, but can cause confusion if this custom is misunderstood and the forename is read as a surname.

The Whitstable & Seasalter Parish Magazine 1872

January 1872 Vol 4 – No.40

“They Rest from their Labours.”

Robert Newing, Seasalter, buried in Whitstable Cemetery, Dec. 1, aged 36 years.

Emily Humphrey, Victoria Street, buried in Whitstable Cemetery, Dec. 3, aged 19 years.

Christopher William Merritt, buried in Whitstable Cemetery, Dec. 3, aged 7 years.

William Holmes, buried in Whitstable Cemetery, Dec. 19, aged 6 years.

February 1872 Vol 4 – No. 41


Jan. 7 – Henry Fitness, son of John William and Margaret Pidduck.

Jan. 19 – Anne Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen and Anne Elizabeth Saffery.

Jan. 19 – Jane, daughter of the same.

Jan. 19 – Edward Curling, son of Thomas Albert and Ellen Nutten.

Jan. 19 – Anne Maria, daughter of John and Emma Savage.

Jan. 26 – Florence, daughter of John and Sarah Rowden.

Jan. 26 – Charles, son of Charles Henry and Anne Foreman.

Jan. 26 – Ellen Beatrice, daughter of Edward and Martha Kemp.

Jan. 26 – John, son of Charles and Harriet Frances Hacon, C.G.S.

Jan. 26 – Ernest George, son of the same.


Jan. 7 – Anne Elizabeth, daughter of Ebenezer Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Ballard.

Jan. 20 – Eliza, infant daughter of Edward Lane, C.G.S.

March 1872 Vol 4 – No. 42


Feb. 4 – Ernest Gann, son of George and Anne Cox, Organist.

Feb. 4 – Ernest John, son of James and Kate Reid Browning, Dredger.

Feb. 4 – Mary Anne, daughter of James and Mary Rowden, Dredger.

Feb. 4 – Ernest Goldsack, son of Onslow and Mary Anne Foreman, Dredger.

Feb. 4 – John Thomas, son of William and Jane Shepherd, Mariner.

Feb. 5 – Harry, son of Henry and Mary Ann Marsh, Mariner.

Feb. 9 – Flora Adelaide, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Philpott, Mariner.

Feb. 9 – Margaret, daughter of George and Martha Sarah Goldfinch, Dredger.

Feb. 9 – Rosa Helena, daughter of George and Matilda How, Grocer.

Feb. 9 – Nelly Franklin, daughter of Henry and Emma Turner, Draper.

Feb. 16 – Barbara Ann Bell, daughter of Henry and Mary Elizabeth Bartlett, Diver.

Feb. 16 – Frances, daughter of John and Ellen Adams, Mariner.


Feb. 4 – William James Hulkes, of Parish of Seasalter, Mariner, to Eliza Jane Allen, Parish of Whitstable, by the Rev. A. P. Moor.


Feb. 5 – Thomas Terry, aged 77 years; buried in Seasalter Church-yard Feb. 10.

Feb. 6 – Harry, infant son of Henry and Mary Anne Marsh; buried in Seasalter Church-yard Feb. 10.

April 1872 Vol 4 – No. 43


Mar. 3 – Melinda Maude, daughter of John Mears and Sarah Anne Warner, Dredger.

Mar. 3 – Percy James Oswald, son of James Hoult and Margaret Oswald Gann, Grocer.

Mar. 3 – James Edward, son of Edward James and Emma Jane Camburn, Mariner.

Mar. 3 – Frederick Thomas Pearson, son of Richard and Emily Harrison, Shipwright.

Mar. 3 – Ellen Maria, daughter of Henry and Sophia Anne Sandy, Mariner.

Mar. 8 – Amelia, daughter of John Doore and Amelia Manning, Chief Officer, CGS.

Mar. 10 – Rose Emily, Ellen Georgina, George Francis, Edward Henry Wallis, Gertrude, and Emmeline, children of George and Ellen Packer, Lay-clerk, Tenbury Collegiate Church.

Mar. 22 – Frederick Thomas, son of James William and Sarah Shingleston, Mariner.

Mar. 22 – Eliza Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas William and Frances Knight, Dredger.

Mar. 31 – (Easter Day) – Elizabeth Esther, daughter of Edwin George and Rose Lane, Boatman, CGS.

Mar. 31 – Frederick, son of Stephen Brice and Mary Anne Nicholls, Dredger.

May 1872 Vol 4 – No. 44


Apr. 7 – Eva Ellen, daughter of James and Hannah Maria Turner, Chief Boatman, CGS.

Apr. 7 – Florence Lily, daughter of John Thomas and Julia Maria Reeves, Auctioneer.

Apr. 7 – Ada Kate, daughter of George and Mary Sophia Wyver, Painter.

Apr. 7 – Gertrude, daughter of Henry James and Olive Hart.

Apr. 7 – Herbert Ernest, son of George and Annie Louisa Trice.

Apr. 12 – Henry Edward, son of Henry and Eliza Bishop, Shoe-maker.

Apr. 12 – Emma Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Emma Bennett.

Apr. 12 – Annie Maude, daughter of Robert and Ellen Jane Court, Master Mariner.

Apr. 12 – Edith Frances, daughter of William and Frances Rowden, Master Mariner.

Apr. 12 – Ada Annie, daughter of John and Mary Anne Rowden, Dredger.

Apr. 12 – Lucy Agnes, daughter of William and Louisa Wallis, Licensed Victualler.

Apr. 19 – Hubert Alfred, son of Alfred and Mary Anne Parsons, Mariner.

Apr. 19 – Alfred James, son of Alfred John and Rebecca Mary Gambril, Dredger.

Apr. 19 – Hubert, son of William and Mary Kemp Carlton.


Apr. 2 – Hannah Terry, Widow, aged 76 years.

Apr.30 – William Roberts, Mariner, aged 51 years.

June 1872 Vol 4 – No. 45


May 5 – Ernest, son of Catherine and Samuel Hodges, Blacksmith.

May 5 – Grace Anne, daughter of Joseph and Mary Croud, Mariner.

May 10 – Lillie Agnes, daughter of Cyrus Charles and Emma Jutson, Master Mariner.

May 17 – Edith Frances, daughter of Henry and Susannah Frances Geiss, Musician.

May 24 – Walter, son of Thomas and Anne Elizabeth Blaxland, Master Mariner.

May 24 – Annie Louise, daughter of George Thomas and Julia Curd, CGS.

May 24 – Albert Connor, son of George and Martha Frend, Master Mariner.

May 24 – Albert John, son of Thomas William and Mary Anne Shilling, Dredger.

May 24 – Charlotte, daughter of Alfred and Mary Anne Miller, Mariner.

May 24 – Sarah Anne, daughter of David John and Mary Anne Hook, Mariner.

May 24 – Edwin Thomas, son of John William and Anne Uden, Dredger.


May 20 – Wil1iam Martin, formerly Sergeant Mounted Coast Guards, aged 67 years.

May 24 – Thomas Mercer, aged 54 years.

July 1872 Vol 4 – No. 46


June 2 – Lilian Annie, dr. of Frederick and Elizabeth King Baker.

June 2 – Elizabeth, dr. of Thomas Saunders and May Elizabeth Edwards, Mariner.

June 2 – Willie, s. of James and Jane Brissenden, Labourer.

June 7 – Henry Pearson, s. of Edwin and Jane Coleman, Butcher.

June 7 – Matilda, dr. of Edward William and Matilda Smith, Mariner.

June 7 – Elizabeth Mary, dr. of Philip and Elizabeth Anne Warner, Mariner.

June 7 – Grace, dr. of David and Jane Carlton, Mariner.

June 14 – Charles Richard Hopkins, s. of Charles and Mary Anne Putwain, Coal Merchant.

June 14 – Herbert George, s. of George and Mary Anne Humphrey, Dredger.

June 14 – Frederick William, s. of James Thomas and Martha Snow, Bricklayer.

June 14 – Minnie Elizabeth, dr. of Stephen and Matilda Louisa Bates, Police Sergeant.

June 21 – Ernest Herbert, s. of Edward and Sarah Ann Manktelow, Labourer.

June 21 – Annetta Jane, dr. of Stephen Thomas and Harriet Anderson, Shipwright.

June 28 – Susie, dr. of Edward and Susannah Adams, Master _Mariner.

June 28 – William, s. of William and Mary Anne Blackman, Labourer.


June 20 – James Edward Camburn, aged 67 years.

August 1872 Vol 4 – No. 47


July 7 – Emma Jane, daughter of Stephen and Jemima Pout, Railway Labourer.

July 7 – Charlotte, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Ann Alce, Master Mariner.

July 12 – Charles Thomas, son of Harry Wells and Mary Anne Sims, Mariner.

July 19 – Clara Ellen, daughter of Stephen Thomas and Jane Appleton, Dredger.

July 19 – Herbert Jones, son of Stephen Thomas and Anna Ward, Mariner.

July 19 – Alfred Henry, son of George and Grace Annie Bryson, Baker.

July 28 – Helen Jane, daughter of Henry and Harriet Appleton, Dredger.


July 2 – George Herbert the youngest son of Thomas Gann, Esq., of the Manor House, Seasalter, to Emma Jane, eldest daughter of Captain Edward Adams, Ship-owner, Whitstable.

September 1872 Vol 4 – No. 48


Aug. 4 – Ellen Eugenia, daughter of Walter and Mary Butcher, Dredger.

Aug. 4 – Christopher William, son of Charles Peter and Martha Ann Merritt, Carrier.

Aug. 4 – Andrew Alfred, son of Alfred and Ellen Jane Laraman, Dredger.

Aug. 9 – Lenah Mary, daughter of Edwin Henry and Emily Curling, Yeoman.

October 1872 Vol 4 – No. 49


Sep. 1 – Amelia Perkins, daughter of David and Rachel Elizabeth Waters, Shipwright.

Sep. 1 – John Thomas, son of Stephen and Mary Ann Court, Miller.

Sep. 1 – Ernest Walter, son of William and Christian Jacobs, Mariner.

Sep. 1 – John Thomas, son of Robert and Mary Ann Goodban, Mariner.

Sep. 1 – Augustus Frank, son of William and Mary Elizabeth Pool, Chief Officer CGS.

Sep. 20 – Anna Maria, daughter of John James and Mary Anne Donovan, Mariner.

Sep. 20 – He1ena, daughter of George and Eliza Kemp, Treasurer of the Oyster Company.

Sep. 27 – Frederick Percy, son of William Dove and Harriet Browning, Mariner.

November 1872 Vol 4 – No. 50


Oct. 6 – Edward, son of Edward and Charlotte Solly, Shipwright.

Oct. 6 – Benjamin Thomas Tucker, son of George and Anne Maria Spratt, Licensed Victualler.

Oct. 6 – Kate, daughter of John and Sarah Anne Stroud, Mariner.

Oct. 11 – E1iza Jane, daughter of Edwin and Elizabeth Foad, Mariner.

Oct. 11 – Elizabeth Norah, daughter of Henry and Sarah Anne Barton, Dredger.

Oct. 18 – James Henry, son of William Pearson and Susannah Coleman, Dredger.

Oct. 18 – Alice Maria, daughter of Samuel and Mary Anne Shilson, Mariner.

Oct. 25 – Thomas Richardson, son of Joseph and Charlotte Olive, Dredger.

Oct. 25 – Margaret, daughter of George and Maria Paul, Mariner.

Oct. 25 – William Alfred, son of William and Elizabeth Burniston, Mariner.

Oct. 25 – Emily, daughter of William John and Margaret Gambril, Dredger.

Oct. 25 – Georgina, daughter of William Thomas and Mary Anne Fuller, Mariner.


Oct. 28 – John Hoare, Gardener, to Ellen Sophia Bushell.

Oct. 30 – James White Cornick, Boatman CGS, to Annie Browne, daughter of the late Thomas Browne, Chief Boatman.

December 1872 Vol 4 – No. 51

No entries.

Notes: The last text appears thus;

At the beginning of this year I stated that I could only continue this Magazine as an experiment for the ensuing year. The result I regret to say, is such, that I do not feel justified in incurring the expense of bringing it out any longer, as the circulation is not adequate to the cost. My wish was to supply cheap and wholesome reading, and a means of communication between Clergy and People. I feel the Magazine has done good service. If our subscribers had been more numerous I would have continued it. As it is, making my acknowledgements to all regular subscribers, I must now announce with regret that this is for the present, the LAST ISSUE.