1882 – Oyster dredging at Whitstable

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words and this is particularly true of this picture.

Printed in the Illustrated London News of May 12th 1882 in the series ‘Our Fishing Industries’ and headed ‘Oyster Dredging at Whitstable’, it gives us a fairly accurate representation of the industry at that time.

Perhaps as relevant is the fact that when a national newspaper wanted a picrure of the Oyster industry they naturally came to Whitstable. This legacy continues today, for when television production companies require background information and pictures for a feature on oysters, they know where to come.

Oyster Dredging at Whitstable (1882)
Oyster Dredging at Whitstable

1. Yawls Sailing Out
2. Dredge
3. Oyster Bags
4. Dredging
5. Landing Oysters