1889 – The Canterbury and Vicinity Directory – Commercial

The “Canterbury and Vicinity Directory” of 1889 gives us an insight into Whitstable as it was that year. The details of the town are broken down into four sections, three of which are on this and subsequent pages. The section we have not included is the ‘Private Residents Directory’ as this lists only some 200 out of more than 6,000 people and is very nondescript with forenames and the spelling of surnames.

The sections transcribed here are:

  • History Of Whitstable – from the perspective of that date – here.
  • Whitstable Local Intelligence – Churches, Schools, Institutions, etc – here.
  • Whitstable Commercial Directory – Businesses and Tradesmen in categories – On this page.

As always, we have attempted to be true to the original, not correcting any errors in spelling that we find and hopefully not adding any of our own.



Academies and Schools.

Wood, John M. Whitstable College School, Oxford Street.
Wood, Mrs. John Whitstable College, Oxford Street.

Agents (Insurance).

See Local Intelligence.


Browning, T. G. Oxford House, Oxford Street. (House)
Daniels, J. R. Canterbury Hill. (Shipping)
Foad, Cephas High Street. (House)
Uden, Raplh L. Limen House, High Street.


Butcher, Henry Island Wall.
Fogg Mrs., C. Sea View House, Sea Wall.
Gardner, Robert Bexley Villa, Fountain Street.
Handley Mrs., Oxford Street.
Kemp, Mrs., Ann Albert Street.
Madams, Mrs., Island Wall.
Rigden, Thos. Oxford Street.

Auctioneers, Valuers, and Surveyors.

Daniels, J. R. Ludgate Hill. (Surveyor only)
Fancet, J. B. High Street.
Marsh, Thomas Bostal House, Canterbury Road. (Surveyor only)
Reeves, J. T. Oxford Street.
Browning, T. G. Oxford House, Oxford Street.
and Assembly Rooms.

Bakers and Flour Dealers.

Amos, Jas., jun., Oxford Street.
Callingham, James Bostal Hill.
Carr, John Oxford Street.
Dawkings, G. & W. Canterbury Road.
Feakins, Robert (Exors. of) Church Road.
Harlow, John Essex Street.
Harris, James W. Oxford Street.
Holden, Charles High Street.
Newton, J. H. High Street.
Pettman, Richard High Street.
Reeves, G. High Street.
Southwell, A. W. Bexley Street.
Woolley, M. A. Harbour Street.

Basket Maker and Brush Warehouse.

Page, Thomas Harbour Street.

Beer Retailers.

Cambourn, Thomas Edward Albert Street.
Creed, Wm., Canterbury Road.
Daad, Henry Harbour Street.
Keam, Geo. Island Wall.
Keam, H. Island Wall.
Longbottom, William Middle Wall.
Norris, J. H. Middle Wall.
Wyborn, Ed. Alfred Brewery Tap, Oxford Street.

Bill Poster.

Gammon, W. J. High Street.

Boat and Barge Builders and Proprietors.

Goldfinch, George Pleasant Cottage, Swanfield.
Kemp, Mrs. Ann Tankerton Beach.
residence, Albert Street.
Kemp, William Island Wall and The Beach.


Cox, William John High Street.

Booksellers and Stationers.

Cox, William John High Street.
Goldfinch, Alfred High Street.

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Allen, Thomas 7 Swan Terrace, Canterbury Road
Butler, Abraham Sea Wall.
Dalton, James Harbour Street.
Grace, Henry Harbour Street.
Humphrey, G. High Street.
Moyes, A. W. Middle Wall.
Page, William Harbour Street.
Pout, John 12 Harbour Place.
Rigden D. Middle Wall.
Rowden, Jas., High Street.

Boot Warehouses.

Humphrey, George High Street.
Philpott S. Ludgate Hill.
Staniland, Thomas Cheapside.


Nutten, E. Victoria Street.
Robinson, H. Canterbury Road.
Snow, H. R. Victoria Street.

Builders, Carpenters, &c.

Amos & Foad Church Street.
Amos, John Henry Swanfield.
Cornelius T. Oxford Street.
Cornelius, William Laurel Cottage, Middle Wall.
Foad, Cephas High Street.
Porter, Thomas William Harbour Place.


Coleman, Jas. High Street.
Gann, A. Harbour Street.
Harris, John High Street.
Hart, J. H. Harbour Street.
How, Frederick Oxford Street.
Kemp, Aaron Victoria Street (Pork)
West, Thomas Harbour Street.

Cab and Carriage Proprietors.

Brannen, Wm. Bear & Key Hotel, Cheapside.
Gurr, Charles Duke of Cumberland Hotel, High Street.
Wood, A. G. Fountain Inn, Sydenham Street.

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.

Browning, W. A. High Street.
Lawson, John High Street.
Odden, S. & Son. High Street.


Browning, F T. Canterbury Road.
Merritt, C. P. Victoria Street.
Merrett, John Sea Street.
Nutten, Thomas Victoria Street.


Arrowsmith, G. Medical Hall, Harbour Street
and Oxford Street.
Griffith, Chas. High Street.

Chimney Sweeps.

Horne, W. Bostal Hill.
Robinson, H. Canterbury Road.

China, Glass and Earthenware Dealers.

Cox, G. High Street.
Kemp, Leonard High Street.
Solly, Henry High Street.

Clothiers and Outfitters.

Golden, T. S. High Street.
Hoult, Mrs. M. A. Harbour Street.
Hughes, Mrs. E. (ladies) High Street.
Moor, W. J. High Street.
Philpott, S. Ludgate Hill.
Rowden, Jas. High Street.
Staniland, Thomas Cheapside.
Warner, A. Essex Street.

Coal Merchants and Dealers.

Baker, Henry J. Oxford Street.
Brown, J. Harbour Street.
Browning, T. & Son Canterbury Road
and Sea Street.
Cladish,-. Harwich Street.
Coleman, H. P. Oxford Street.
Gann & Brown Ludgate Hill
and The Beach.
Nutten, Thomas, A. Victoria Street.
Putwain, C. High Street.


Amos, Jas., jun. Oxford Street.
Dawkings, G. & W. Canterbury Road
Goldsmith, Mrs. 2 Canterbury Road.
Green, John (sweets) High Street.
Harris, James, W. Oxford Street.
Holden, Charles. High Street.
Newton, J. H. High Street.
Offredi, V. Harbour Street
and The Beach.
Pettman, Richard High Street.
Reeves, G. High Street.
Turner, W. (sweets) High Street.


Harlow, John Oxford Street.
Luckhurst, John High Street.
Read, M. A. Church Road.
Rowland, J. M. Bostal Hill.


Barton, George High Street.
Buss, Richard High Street.
Durrant, E High Street.
Frend, E. High Street.
Gann, Mrs. G. Harbour Street.
Hoult, Mrs. M.A. Harbour Street.
Kemp, Jas. High Street.
Kemp, Mrs. Harbour Street.
Maxted, Mrs. Oxford Street.
Miller, J. Canterbury Road.


Griffith, Chas High Street.


Clifford, Chas. Downes Farm.
Creed, William Joy Farm.
Deal, Wm. Church Street.
Gann, G.A. Court Leas.
Gibbs, Frederick Church Street Farm.
Goodwin, H.J. Highgate Farm.
Haliday, Stephen Church Street.
Hilton, Henry Cloud’s House Farm.
Holness, Robert Pound Farm.
Hooker, — Millstrood Farm.
Mungam, Geo Bogshole Farm.
Plommer, Geo. Brooklands.
Pout, Edward _______
Saddleton, Stephen. Parsonage Farm.
Saddleton, Thomas. Bostal Farm.
Webb, G. Grummage Hill Farm, Bostal Hill.

Fruiterers and Greengrocers.

Baker, H.J. Oxford Street.
Clark, E. High Street.
Elliott, George Canterbury Road.
Frend, Richard. Harbour Street.
Gann, F. R. High Street.
Harris, Mrs. Jane Harbour Street.
Harrison, Thomas High Street.
Hodges, William High Street.
Kemp, Thomas, sen. High Street.
Nutten, Mrs. Victoria Street.
Rigden, E. Sydenham Street.
Whorlow, A. High Street.

Furniture Dealers.

Browning, A. High Street.
Odden, S. & Son. High Street.
Moor, W. J. High Street.

Grocers, Tea Dealers, and Provision Merchants.
Marked thus * are Tea Dealers only.

Alce, Mrs. E. Harbour Place.
Amos, James, sen. Island Wall.
Baker, R. High Street.
Browning, Charles Bexley Street and The Wall.
Carden, William* Harbour Street.
Cox, W. J.* High Street.
Cozens, Richard High Street.
Daly, H. L. (next the Post Office), High Street.
Driffield, Charles Cheapside.
Edenden. J. T. K. High Street.
Gann, J. H. Harbour Street.
Goldfinch, J. Harbour Street.
Holden, Osborne High Street.
Holden, William & Son Harbour Street.
How, G. Canterbury Road.
International Tea Company. High Street.
Jarrett, Thomas Wm. Oxford Street.
Kemp, Aaron Victoria Street.
Nicholls, L. C. High Street.
Nicholls, Wallace Burwood 7 Canterbury Road.
Tilley, Albert 46 Sydenham Street.

Hair Dressers.

Barton, A. Canterbury Road.
Spratt, Marshall High Street.

Hosiers, Hatters, Haberdashers, and Glovers..

Allen, F. O. Harbour Street.
Barton, George. High Street.
Daniels, George Victoria House, High Street.
Golden. T. S. High Street.
Staniland, Thomas Cheapside.

Hoymen and Wharfingers.

Gann, H. and G. H. Ludgate Hill.


Church, George High Street.
Gann, James Cheapside.

Licensed Victuallers & Hotels..

Alma Knight, Harry Island Wall.
Bear and Key Hotel Brannan, W. Cheapside.
Bricklayer’s Arms Kemp, Jas. E. Harbour Street.
Coach & Horses Ruck, Fredk. High Street.
Dredger’s Arms Stickells, Frederick Sea Wall.
Duke of Cumberland Hotel Gurr, Charles bottom of High Street.
East Kent Hotel Kennard, Edwin. Oxford Street.
Fisherman’s Arms Carden, Edwin Island Wall.
Fountain Wood, A. G. Sydenham Street.
Four Horse Shoes Saddleton, Jas. Bostall Hill.
Globe Tilley, Jas. Victoria Street.
Golden Lion Pettman, Frederick Church Road.
Guinea Inn Griffith, William Island Wall.
King’s Head Rowden, J. G. Island Wall.
Longreach Tavern Parfett, Rueben Bostal Hill.
Lord Nelson Hills, Henry Harbour Street.
Monument Hodges, Mrs. C. Church Street.
Pearson’s Arms Gardener, Robert Sea Wall.
Prince Albert Brodley, J. Horsebridge Road.
Prince of Wales Frend, John S. High Street.
Queen’s Head Stokes, Geo. High Street.
Railway Inn Giles, Richard Canterbury Road.
Railway Tavern Padbury, W. T. Harbour Street.
Rising Sun Spratt, Maria Harwich Street.
Royal Naval Reserve Marsh, Henry High Street.
Royal Native Dadd, Henry Harbour Street.
S. E. Railway Tavern Mills, Geo. Henry Ludgate Hill.
Ship Inn Gammon, William J. High Street.
Sovereign Kennedy, Joseph Victoria Street.
Stag Spencer, William Sea Wall.
Steam Packet Taylor, Mrs. A. The Harbour.
The Hoy Robinson, H. High Street.
The Shades Fielding, F. & Co. High Street.
Two Brewers Carlton, Richard Canterbury Road.

Marine Stores.

Carden, Edward Island Wall.
Warner, A. Essex Street.
Warner, George Horsebridge Road.


Callingham, James Bostal Hill
Feakins, R. (Exors. of) Church Road.

Milliners and Dressmakers.

Braton, George High Street.
Buss, Richard Commerce House, High Street.
Coleman, Mrs. G. E. Oxford Street.
Frend, E. High Street.
Gann, Mrs. G. Harbour Street.
Kemp, M. A. High Street.
Kemp, Mrs. G. Harbour Street.
Maxted, Mrs. Oxford Street.

Mineral Water Manufacturer.

Putwain, C. High Street.

Music Warehouses.

Cox, G. A. High Street.
Cox, William John High Street.

Oil and Colormen.

Coleman, Thomas High Street.
Gann, James Cheapside.


Springthorp’s High Street.
Vincent, Henry High Street.

Plumbers, Painters, & Glaziers.

Harrison & Nicholls Fountain Street.
Newing, J. D. Harbour Street.
Wyver, George High Street.
Wyver, James & Co. Oxford Street.


Cox, W. J. High Street.

Saddler and Harness Maker.

Tomas, Lawry Oxford Street.


Gann, H. Sea Wall.
Hoult, W. H. Sea Wall.
Lawson, W. J. Harbour Street.

Shipowners and Agents.

Anderson, Absolem Cambridge House, Oxford Street.
Baker, George Merkland House, Oxford Street.
Bell, Thomas 5 Swan Terrace, Canterbury Road.
Butcher, James 13 Canterbury Road.
Gann, H. & G. H. Ludgate Hill.
Goldfinch Bros. Beach.
Hoult, Charles. Sea Wall.
Harrison, Thomas 16 Victoria Street.

Shipbuilders and Shipwrights.

Adam, Alexander Island Wall.
Collar & Sons Island Wall.
Dyason, John Lower Island.
Gann, H. & G. H. Ludgate Hill and The Beach.
Goldfinch Bros. Beach.
Hoult, Charles (mast maker). Sea Wall.
Kemp, Frederick Harbour Place.
Kemp, William Swan Fields
Nicholls, A. Canterbury Road.
Rowden, C. 16 Argyle Road.
Solley, H. The Beach.

Shoeing and General Smiths.

Hodges, Samuel Church Street.
Humphrey, Wallace Horsebridge Road.
Wells, Kennett Canterbury Road.


Walthew, E. G. Assembly Rooms; and at Canterbury.


Etheridge, Charles Ivy House, Oxford Street.
Hayward, J. W. Oxford Street.
Wheeler, R. T. High Street.


Adams, Henry Harbour Street.
Allen, F. O. Harbour Street.
Daniels, Geo. Victoria House, High Street.
Mitchell, Isaac High Street.
Sandy, F. & H. Essex Street.

Timber Merchants.

Reeves, E. & T. Sea Wall.


Coleman, E. P. Harbour Street.
Nicholls, Lewis Charles High Street.

Toy and Fancy Warehouses.

Cox, G. A. High Street.
Daniels, David High Street.
Gower, Joseph High Street.
Kemp, Leonard High Street and The Beach.
Kemp, Mrs. Harbour Street.
Philpott, Mrs. Harbour Street.


Amos & Ford Church Road.
Cornelius, T. Oxford Street.
Ford, Cephas. High Street.

Watch and Clock Makers and Jewellers.

Gower, Jones. High Street.
Holden, William High Street.
Humphrey, J. E. High Street.
Parsons, E. A. High Street.
Vennall, Charles Harbour Street.

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Brannan, William Bear and Key, Cheapside.
Driffield, Charles Cheapside.
Fielding F. & Co. Shades Tavern, High Street.
Gurr, Charles Duke of Cumberland Hotel, High Street.
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