1917 - Excerpts from the Whitstable Times

Some more snippets from the local newspaper. News of Whitstable men serving in the Great War is mixed with the everyday news of a quiet town getting on with things. The odd photograph is starting to appear in the paper and it is more strongly biased towards local issues with less emphasis on surrounding towns.

Issue 2,765. 6th January 1917.

Death of Old Inhabitants

The ages of four inhabitants of Whitstable who died this last week aggregated 353 years. Mrs. Cole (sister-in-law of Mr.C.A. Tilley J.P.) was 82 years of age, Miss. Blackhall, who had lived with Miss. Christie at Marlborough House, Tankerton, was 89, Mr. Charles Rowden of Argyle Road, a free fisher, was 86, and Mr. Edward Lawson, the oldest inhabitant of the town was 95.

Additional report.Edward Kitchingham Lawson having reached the age of 95 years and 3 months, passed away at the residence of his Son-in-law Mr. William Holden in High Street where he had lived for the past 20 years.

He was the ‘father’ of the Whitstable Oyster Company, being the oldest registered freeman. He was the owner of the vessel ‘Romp’ and used to carry oysters to Ostend and other continental ports.

He was the youngest child of John and Ann Lawson who were born in 1777 and 1776. His mother also died at the age of 95 years and 3 months.

Deaths.Miller. At Queen Square W.C. on 29th last, Alex S. Miller, Australian Force, only son of J.C. Miller M.A. of Seasalter Lodge. “He bravely did his duty.”

Issue 2,767. 20th January 1917.

We regret to announce that Private G. H. Appleton of the 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers, who’s home was at 53 Regent Street was killed in action on December 10th.

In a letter to Mrs. S.H. Appleton of 72 Victoria Street, Private H.H. Chapman says:-

Dear Madam. Just a few lines to tell you that we received George’s parcel quite safe. I shared the contents between his mates. Poor George was shot by a sniper on December 10th which proved fatal. Dear Madam you can rest assured that he was buried soon after he was killed that night. I have been a freind of George ever since we joined up together. We went from Herne Bay together and we both did our training at Crowborough in Sussex. He was a good mate and very affectionate and he was liked by everyone in the company. I shall be very pleased if you would write to me and let me know if you received this letter alright.

Issue 2,768. 27th January 1917.

Thanks from the boys at the front.

To the editor.

Dear Sir:- Could you possibly find a space in your paper to publish my thanks on behalf of the men of my battery. I wish to thank the kind subscribers who gave towards the hussifs, which my two sisters, Miss. I. Gambell and Miss. B. Gambell worked so hard and made for the boys of this battery.

I hope that the readers who did subscibe towards these hussifs will see that their donations have not been given in vain. The best of thanks from all the battery, to all those that subscribed.

Wishing your paper every success, as it is greatly appreciated by the Kentish lads at the Front.

P.T.E. W. E. Matthews, 20719,

99th Trench Mortar Battery, B.E.F., France.

Oystertown Note: A ‘Husif’, so called as a derivation of ‘Housewife’, was a small canvas roll containing needle, thread, buttons etc for maintaining a serving man’s kit.
Issue 2,769. 3rd February 1917.

Messrs. Arthur Collar Ltd., of High Street, have provided every school child in Whitstable with a foot ruler.

Issue 2,772. 17th February 1917.

AMOS, E. 2nd A.M. Royal Flying Corps (Died in hospital)
ANDREWS, A.J. Leading Stoker H.M.S. Natal
APPLETON, A.E. Private 4th Batt., The Buffs
APPLETON, A.H. Private 2nd Munster Fusiliers
BAKER, J. R.N.R. H.M.S. Cressy
BARTON, J.A. Lance Corporal 1st Loyal North Lancs Regiment
BOTHING, D. Private 2nd Batt., The Buffs
CAPON, O. Private 1st Batt., Cheshire Regiment
CHURCH, F.P.M. Private 2nd Batt., The Buffs
COLLAR, A.V. R.N.R. Trawler Section
COLLAR, P.H. A.B. H.M.S. Natal
DOWN, F.W. R.N.R. H.M.S. Cressy
EVANS, E.R. Private 2nd Batt., The Buffs
GRIFFEY, E. Corporal 5th Lancers
HADLOW, J. Sergeant Royal Engineers
HAMPSHIRE, E. R.N.R. H.M.S. Clan Macnaughton
HARLOW, T.H. Leading Stoker H.M.S. Pathfinder
HORNE, H. Corporal Inniskilling Fusiliers
JOHNSTONE, R.J. S.R.Steward H.M.S. Aboukhir
JOHNS, F. Private The Buffs
KEAM, C. Private 16th Batt., Middlesex Regiment
KEAM, C.J. R.N.R. H.M.S. Cressy
KNIGHT, R.E. R.N.R. H.M.S. Hearty (Died in hospital)
LONGHURST, C. Private Royal West Surrey Regiment
LOTT, C. Shipwright H.M.S. Princess Irene
MATTHEWS, H. A.B. H.M.S. Inflexible
MORGAN, P. Farrier Sergeant 21st Lancers (Died in hospital)
NAZER, F.J. R.N.R. Trawler Section
OLIVE, R. Private 9th Batt., The Buffs
ORPIN, H. Private 1st Batt., The Buffs
PACKMAN, S. Private 4th Batt., The Buffs
PAYNE, A. Private 8th Batt., East Surrey Regiment
PAYNE, H. Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers
PEPPER, J.W.T. (B.A.) Private London Rifle Brigade
PHILLIPS, H. R.N.R. H.M.S. Cressy
RICHARDS, F.W. Stoker H.M.S.B. No.10
ROWDEN, H.C. Sapper Royal Engineers
SANDY, W.E. Private 8th Batt., The Buffs
SAUNDERS, W.C. Private 4th Batt., The Buffs (Died in hospital)
STRAND, A. Private 2nd Batt., The Buffs
STROUD, R.E. R.N.R. Trawler Section
STUPPLE, C. Private 2nd Batt., The Buffs
THOMSON, RE, J. Lieutenant 15th Sikhs
TINLEY, J. Private East Surrey Regiment
VAUGHAN, W.M.J. Sergeant 3rd Batt., Grenadier Guards
WOOTTON, J.F. R.N.R. H.M.S. Cressy

Issue 2,773. 24th February 1917.

Whitstable Family’s Fine Record

The family of Mr. and Mrs. G. Webb of 1, Pearsons’ Arms Cottages, Whitstable, have a record that it can be justly proud of:

Son, Harry, on Mine sweeper in North Sea,

Son, George, Sapper in the Engineers, in France,

Son, Edward, Canadian Entrenchment Batt., in France,

Son, Alfred, Stoker in the Navy,

Son, Thomas, just discharged from Canadian Regiment, wounded in France,

Son, Benjamin, 5th Buffs, now lying wounded in hospital at Persian Gulf,

Adopted Son, Percy, in Army Ordnance Corp,

Son-in-law, Nathaniel Camburn, on minesweeper, presented by H.M. the Czar of Russia with a silver medal for bravery in the White Seas,

Son-in-law, Jersey Gambell, on mine sweeper, also presented with silver medal, and

Son-in-law, Joseph Rook, leading Stoker in the Navy.

Accuracy of information.
Please be aware that these are verbatim reports taken from the Whitstable Times of this period. As with all such data the information should be taken as a guide to further research in order to ascertain its accuracy. In stating that, we hope that the inclusion of names listed here, which may not be recorded elsewhere, help you in your research.