1941 – Whitstable, Serving N.C.O’s, men and women

During WW2 the Whitstable Times published lists of local people serving in the forces. These were added to during the war with further names supplied by the friends and families of those serving. This is a provisional list of Non-Commissioned Officers, men and serving women as at the latter part of 1941 and will be added to as more research is carried out.

The listing for Women is at the bottom of the main listing.

Whitstable – Serving N.C.O’s, Men and Women.
Name Rank Service
. . .
Abel, R Corporal A.M.P.C.
Abrams, George Corporal R.E.
Abrams, Kenneth Lance Bombardier R.A.
Adams, Ernest . R.N.
Allan, Donald, T. A.B., Minesweeper R.N.R.
Allard, Elliot OBE Gunlayer R.N.
Allen, E. V. Private The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany).
Amos, Stanley Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Anderson, Arthur Raymond . R.N.
Anderson,G.W. Sergeant The Buffs
Andrews, Arthur E.J. O.S. Merchant Navy
Andrews, Dennis . R.N.
Annoot, F.M. Gunner, A.A.Battery R.A.
Appleton, Frank Corporal The Buffs
Armstrong, Leonard C.C. Flight Sergeant R.A.F.
Armstrong, R. Aircraftsman 2 R.A.F.
Ashby, Fred . Merchant Navy
Ashby, F. Driver R.A.S.C.
Ashby, Reginald A, Sapper R.E.
Ashby, Walter . Merchant Navy
Austin, Harry Private R.A.O.C.
Aylmore, William . Merchant Navy
Baldock, R. Private R.A.M.C.
Ball, Donald A.C. R.A.F.
Barber, W. Sergeant Instructor R.A.F.
Barton, S.G. . R.N.
Bashford, G. A.C. 2 R.A.F.
Beattie, Gordon . R.A.F.
Bickett, G. . R.A.F.
Bickett,C. . R.A.F.
Bills, John . The Buffs
Bills, Richard . R.N.
Bills, Richard G. . R.N.R., H.M.T.
Bingham, T. . Tank Corps
Black, A.W. Private Hampshires
Black, E.G. Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Black, R.T. Gunner R.A.
Blyth, Gordon T. Sapper R.E.
Botting, James Private R.A.S.C.
Boulting, A.F. Lance Corporal R.A.P.C.
Bradford, H. Lance Corporal R.A.S.C.
Bradley, C.H. Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Bradley, Eric George Wireless Operator and Gunner R.A.F.
Bradley, P.A. Aircraft Hand R.A.F.
Brenchley, Allen . R.A.F.
Brindle, Ernest H. N/Ord., L.A.C. R.A.F.
Broadbridge, F.D. Private Essex Regiment
Browning, Keith Gunner Royal Horse Artillery
Browning, L. A.C. 2 R.A.F.
Browning, William J. . Merchant Navy
Brown, Bernard W. Sergeant East Surrey Regiment
Brunger, George . R.A.F.
Bryant, R.C. Sergeant Royal Corps of Signals
Budd, Sydney Corporal R.A.F.
Burrough J.H. Lance Corporal Queens Royal Regiment
Burrough, J. Signalman Royal Corps of Signals
Butcher, Fred Aircraftsman 2 R.A.F.
Butcher, Haveloch . R.N.
Butcher, L.A. A.B. R.N.
Cadman, Alan Private The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany).
Cage, R. Private The Buffs
Callear, E.F. R.Q.M.S. Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry (Now with 17th Royal Fusiliers)
Callear, G.F. . R.A.S.C.
Camburn, Donald . R.A.F.
Castle, L.W. Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Chamberlain, D. Gunner R.A.
Christmas, R.W. Sergeant R.A.S.C.
Clarke, John . R.A.F.
Clark, I.B. . Signals. R.A.F.V.R.
Coffin, G. . R.N.
Coffin, L. Corporal 5th Devonshire Regiment
Coffin, S. Private R.A.S.C.
Coffin, S. Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Coffin, W. Corporal R.A.S.C.
Coleman, C.P. Mine Sweeper R.N.
Coleman, S.W. Sapper R.E.
Cole, R. Band Corporal Royal Marine Band
Collar, Frank . R.N.P.S.
Collar, Frederick Charles Petty Officer Merchant Navy
Collar, John . R.A.F.
Collar, L. Sapper R.E.
Collar, W.G. Private 4th Battalion The Buffs
Copping, C.W. Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Copping, G. Flight Sergeant R.A.F.
Copping, R.J. L.A.C. R.A.F.
Court, S.G. Chief Petty Officer Fleet Air Arm, R.N.
Cousins, A.H. Corporal The Buffs
Cover, A.S. . Merchant Navy
Cowie, E.G. Driver R.A.S.C.
Cowie, J. Marine R.N.
Cowie, J.E. Private 6th Batt., The Buffs
Cowie, J.F. Seaman R.N.
Cox, Ronal C. Private R.A.O.C.
Cummings, A.W. Private The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany).
Dadd, Cyril Corporal R.A.S.C.
Daniels, D. L.A.C. R.A.F.
Daniels, John Gunner R.A.
Dann, R.A. Private The Buffs
Dartnall, Douglas H. Sergeant R.A.M.C.
Davey, Trevor Edward Driver R.E.
Davies, A.D. Chief Petty Officer R.N.
Dawes, Douglas Private The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany).
Dence, L.J. Chief Petty Officer R.N.
Dickson, Frank T. Gunner Merchant Navy
Dickson, Frederick A. Gunlayer Merchant Navy
Dick, Alan McCallum . London Scottish
Dixon, F.E.P. Leading Telegraphist R.N. (Presumed lost in H.M.Submarine Sterlet)
Dorrington, O.E. Private 6th Battalion The Buffs
Douglas, Derrick T. Air Artificer Mechanic Royal Artillery
Dunn, George . Royal Corps of Signals
Dunn, Thomas Walter Able Seaman R.N.
Edmondson, David Bombardier R.A.
Elvy, Terrell Gunner R.A.
Emptage, Henry George Gunner R.A.
Emptage, William George Gunner AA Battery R.A.
Eyers, S. Driver R.A.S.C.
Finch R.J. R.A.F.
Fisher, A.D. Lance Corporal 4th Batt., The Buffs
Fisher, W.T. Seaman R.N.P.S.
Flook, Ernest E. Sergeant R.A.O.C.
Flower, Victor Gunner R.A.
Fogg, Arthur O. Joiner R.N.
Fogg, Leslie R. Able Seaman R.N.
Fogg, William C. Petty Officer R.N.
Foreman, Ernest William . The Buffs
Foreman, Frank Henry . .
Foreman, Frederick George Nursing Orderly R.A.F.
Foreman, K. . Army Pay Corps
Foreman, Reginald C. . R.N.P.S.
Foreman, Richard John . R.N.
Fosdyke, G.F. Sapper R.E.
Fox, W.T. Sergeant Home Guard
Frend, H.E. . R.A.O.C.
Gambrill G. . R.N.R.
Gambrill, Mark . R.N.
Gambrill, M. . R.N.R.
Ganderton, James Minesweeper R.N.
Gann, James Edward . R.N.
Gann, Norman Gunner R.A.F.
George, A.E. Lance Corporal Hampshire Regiment
Gifford, P.W. Private The Buffs (Home defence)
Gifford, V.A. Able Seaman R.N.
Gilder, Stanley C. Rifleman 2nd L.R.B.
Gill, James Private 2nd Batt., The Buffs (Reported missing).
Ginger,J. Private The Buffs (Signal section).
Goodburn, E.J. Lance Corporal Hampshire Regiment
Gooderman, C. Private 4th Buffs
Gooderman, W. . The Buffs
Goodwin, Ronald A. . R.N.
Gordine, E. Lance Corporal Military Police
Gore, A. Private 4th Batt., D.C.L.I., T.H.R.
Gould, Geoffrey Sergeant Major Royal Fusiliers
Graves, Jack Private R.A.S.C.
Grinyer, Ernest Cornford . .
Grover, A.C. . Royal Marines
Hadlow, A.R. Corporal The Royal Sussex Regiment
Hammond Private The Buffs
Hammond, E.J. Lance Corporal The Buffs
Hancock, Wilfred George 2nd Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Harman, Geoge . Merchant Navy
Harnett, S.B. Able Seaman R.N.
Harris, D.R. Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Harvey, Arthur Edward Private R.A.M.C.
Harvey, Frank John Medical Orderly R.A.F.
Hasland, Maurice . R.A.F.
Hawkins, E.S. Lance Corporal Royal Corps of Signals
Haxby, R.J. Gunner Surveyor R.A.
Hayward, G. Sapper R.E.
Hayward, R. 2nd Aircraftsman R.A.F.
High, Philip E. . R.N.
Hills, William Petty Office R.N.
Hobden, M.J. Sapper R.E.
Hobden, Norman A. Flight Mechanic R.A.F.
Hockless, F.W.T. 2nd Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Hockless, H.V. Private The Buffs
Hodges, Stephen William Seaman R.N.
Holmes, Frank Albert Reginald Driver R.A.S.C.
Holness H. Sapper R.E.
Hook. Ernest Edward Private Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
Hooper, Douglas Sapper R.E.
Horne, Frank William Cook R.A.F.
Horn, Charles Edward Seaman R.N. (Reported missing)
Hubbard, E.A. Driver R.A.S.C.
Hubbard, F.K. Gunner R.A.
Humphrey, J.C. Petty Officer R.N.
Humphrey, J.R. . R.A.F.
Hurdman, A.C. Private The Buffs
Hurlock, Fred . .
Hurlock, Ronald . R.N.
Hurlock, Sidney . R.N.V.R.
Hurlock, Stanley . .
Inch, N . R.A.F.
Jackson, A.W.B. Corporal R.A.F.
Jarratt, E.C. Lance Corporal Armourer R.A.O.C.
Jarratt, W.J. Staff Sergeant Mechanist Royal Engineers
Johnson, Bert . R.A.F.
Johnson, Richard . .
Joiner, Frank Sapper R.E.
Jordan, Charles Frederick Sapper R.E.
Kay, A. . R.A.F.
Keeble, Kenneth Lance Corporal R.E.
Keele, A.C. Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Keele, T.A. Sergeant 6th Buffs
Keen, Alfred Corporal R.A.F.
Kemp, J.N. Surveyor R.A.
Kingham, R.F. Leading Stoker R.N.
Kirby, A. Vernon Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Laker, Thomas H. Gunner R.A.
Laming, G.E. Driver R.E.
Laraman, Eric S. . R.A.F.
Laraman, Godfrey Thomas . R.A.F.
Lawson, Dick Lance Corporal R.E.
Lawson, Jack Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Lawson, R.E. Private R.E.
Leavey, E.C. Private 6th Devonshire Regiment
Legg, C.J. Private A.M.P.C.
Legg, R.P. Lance Corporal R.A.M.C.
Leonard, John Private R.A.M.C.
Luckhurst . R.A.F.
Luckhurst, Donald . R.N.
Luff, S.W. 2nd Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Lukehurst, Bernard C. . R.N.
Maflin, A.A. Petty Officer R.N.V.R.
Maflin, R.S. . R.N.
Maflin, R.W. Armourer R.A.O.C.
Maley, W.S. Private Devon Regiment
Malnick, Leslie Driver R.A.F.
Malnick, Reginald Flight Mechanic R.A.F.
Manning J. Lance Corporal R.E.
Manning, F.W. Sapper R.E.
Marsh, Cecil . R.A.S.C.
Marsh, Harold Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Marsh, H. Godfrey . Royal Army Pay Corps.
Marsh, J.L. Lance Corporal 8th Buffs
Marsh, William . The Buffs
Martin, Frank . R.A.F.
Matthews, G.W. S.P.O. R.N.
Meager, R.G. Volunteer Home Guard
Miles, Ernest Edward Chief Petty Officer R.N.
Miles, F.G. Gunner R.A.
Milham, Victor J. Private The Buffs (Reported missing)
Miller, Anthony . R.N.
Miller, John . R.N.
Milner, Aubrey G. Radio Officer R.N.
Milner, Lancelot . R.N.
Mitchell Corporal 6th Buffs
Mitchell, Lawrence C. Corporal R.A.F.
Monk, E. Sergeant The Buffs
Morgan, P. . R.A.
Mummery, George Henry . R.A.F.
Mundy, John C. Gunner (Survey) R.A.
Needham, K.G. Gunner R.A.
Newcombe, A.A. 2nd Radio Operator Merchantile Marine
Newman, Jack Gunner 5th Field Training Regiment
Newton, Peter Gunner R.A.
Noke, Peter . R.A.F.
Norwood, E. . Tank Corps.
Nutten, F. Lance Corporal R.A.S.C.
Nutten, Robert G. Sapper R.E.
Nye, George . R.A.F.
Ougham, O.W. Chief Petty Officer R.N.
Packman, Leslie H. Lance Corporal 2nd Batt., The Buffs
Partridge, G.E. Leading Stoker R.N.
Paul, Frederick William Gunner R.A.
Paul, Harry William . R.A.F.
Payton, F.W. Private Hampshire Regiment
Payton, Leslie Morton Private R.A.S.C. (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Peckham, A.D. Lance Corporal R.A.O.C.
Peckham, B.S. Bombardier R.A.
Pelham, F.G. . R.A.S.C.
Pelham, R.C. Gunner R.A.
Petts, R. Private R.A.S.C.
Petts,C. . Fleet Air Arm
Pizzey, Leslie W. Leading Seaman R.N.
Playfoot, B.C. . R.A.F.
Poole, W. Lance Corporal Queens Royal Surrey Regiment
Pope, N. Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Powell, H.E. Gunner R.A.
Powell, Norman Corporal R.A.S.C.
Powling, Ronald Flight Sergeant R.A.F.
Prett, S.G. Private, Driver Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
Pritchard, A.N. Corporal F.S.C.
Pullen, Maxwell . .
Pursey, F.J. Aircraftsman R.A.F.
Puttick, Cecil Sergeant R.E.
Quick, Alan B.C. Gunner 143rd Field Regiment
Quick, Geoffrey N. Private 8th Batt., Royal Sussex Regiment
Reed, D.S. . J.R.N. (N.Z.)
Reed, K.E.S. Sapper R.E.
Reed, N.R. . 4th Res., M.T.Coy., N.Z. A.S.C.
Reed, P.G. Private 8th Buffs
Reed, Royston H. C.Q.M.S. The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Reed, S.A. Sergeant R.E.
Renn, Cecil L. First Class Stoker R.N.
Rhodes, John H. Private Wiltshire Regiment
Richards, Albert . .
Richards, Harry . .
Rickwood, John . R.N.
Rigden, Albert Henry Private 4th Batt., The Buffs
Rigden, E.J. Gunner Light A.A. Regiment
Rigden, Fred H. . Field Regiment
Rigden, F.W. Sapper R.E.
Rigden, Hubert . R.N.
Rigden, Leslie . 1st Batt., The Buffs
Rigden, N.W. . 2nd Batt., The Buffs
Rigden, Stanley . 4th Batt., The Buffs
Rigden, S.A. Corporal The Buffs
Riordan, H.A. Sergeant Major 6th (H.D.) The Buffs
Roberts, W.J. Private The Buffs
Robinson, F. Lance Corporal A.M.P.C.
Robinson, J.T. Trooper Royal Armoured Corps.
Rogers, E.A. Private The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Rogers, Herbert Private The Buffs
Rogers, Leslie W. Ground Gunner R.A.F.
Rogers, Ronald S. Private R.A.M.C.
Rogers, W. Ambulance Driver R.E.
Rowden, Donald . .
Rowden, Ernest J. . R.N.
Rowden, Gilbert M. Petty Officer R.N.P.S.
Rowden, Leslie Medical Officer R.A.F.
Rowden, Stewart . .
Rummer, F. Sapper R.E.
Sampson, Charles Sergeant R.A.M.C.
Sands, H.J. Private A.M.P.C.
Satchell, James Corporal R.A.F.
Scott, J. . The Buffs
Scott, T. . Merchant Navy
Scott, W. . R.N.
Seath, Peter Gunner R.A.
Sharp, Jack . R.N.
Shaw, J. Signalman Royal Corps of Signals
Shepheard, Norman . R.N.
Shilling, Albert . Fleet Air Arm
Shilling, A.W. Sapper R.E.
Shilling, L.W. Private The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Skeffington, James Frederick Radio Officer Mercantile Marine
Smithers, Stanley Private The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Smith, A.W. Driver R.A.S.C.
Smith, B. Corporal R.A.F.
Smith, Peter H. . Mechanised Cavalry Unit
Smith, R.L. . R.N.
Smith, W.T. C/Corporal The Buffs
Spencer, Robert A. . Merchant Navy
Sponder, F. Private Royal Marines
Spratt, D.A. Private R.A.M.C.
Spratt, G. . R.N.
Spratt, T. . R.N.
Spratt, W. . R.N.
Stewart, – . .
Stewart, E. . .
Strand, A.T. Private The Buffs
Strand, J.S. Private The Buffs
Strand, W.A. L/Corporal Military Police
Stroud, Herbert . R.A.F.
Stroud, H.W. Sergeant 4th Batt., The Buffs
Stroud, Raymond R. . R.N.
Surtees, A. Stoker R.N.
Symonds, W.G.J. . R.A.F.V.R.
Talyor, John Corporal The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Tampsett, A. Wireless operator R.A.F.
Tampsett, W. . R.N.
Tate, K. . R.A.
Taylor, J.C.P. Gunner R.A.
Taylor, Stanley Gallaway Corporal R.A.S.C.
Theobald, Jack . R.A.F.
Tilley, A.W. . R.N.
Tobitt, Cedric A. Driver 1st Middlesex Regiment
Tobitt, Fred G. Private The Buffs
Tobitt, Raymond C. Gunlayer R.N.P.S.
Trask, Frank Henry Sapper R.E.
Tullett J.A. Gunner R.A.
Turner, L. Chief Petty Officer R.N.
Tutt, Mervyn Sapper R.E. (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Uden, Eric W. . R.N.
Wade, G.H. Sapper R.E.
Wade, W.J. Minesweeper .
Wallis, James Henry . R.A.F.
Wallis, John S. . R.E.
Wallis, L.B. . R.A.F.
Wall, T. . R.A.O.C.
Walter, G.W.C. Sergeant R.A.
Warner, A. Private 5th Batt., The Buffs (Prisoner of war in Germany)
Waters, Alan Lance Corporal The Buffs
Waters, P. Private Devon Regiment
Watson, Sidney John Private R.A.O.C.
Watson, Victor . R.A.F.
Watson, William Robert Driver R.A.F.
Webb, B. Sergeant The Buffs
Wells, Roderic E.F. Flight Mechanic R.A.F.
Westfield F. Sergeant R.A.
Westfield, J. Private R.A.
West, Charles F. Mine sweeping .
West, Dudley Private The Buffs (Reported missing)
West, James Henry Edward Private The Buffs
West, W.J. Lance Corporal 5th Buffs
Wetherly, R.L. Stoker R.N.
Wheeler, R. . .
Whichcord, John Driver R.A.S.C.
White, G. . R.A.M.C.
White, Harold H.G. Gunner R.A.
Whorlow, Fred Lance Corporal The Buffs
Whorlow, Horace Alfred Driver R.A.F.
Whorlow, V.D. Sergeant The Buffs
Williams, Edgar . R.A.F.
Williams, James L.C. Sergeant Pilot R.A.F. (Reported missing)
Wilson, F.H. . R.A.M.C.
Woods, Peter J.T. . R.N.
Wood, Anthony Lance Bombardier R.A.
Wood, A. Sapper R.E.
Wood, C.V. Wireless Operator/Gunner R.A.F.
Wood, Raymond Gunner R.A.
Wood, R.H. T.T.C. The Buffs
Wootton, F.J. . R.N.
Wootton, J. . Merchant Navy
Wraight, Albert G. . R.N.P.S.
Wraight, L.S. Private R.A.M.C.
Wraight, S.J. Driver R.A.S.C.
Wraight, W.G. Private 6th Batt., The Buffs
Wraight, W.G.E. Corporal 5th Batt., The Buffs
Wright, D.B. Private Hampshire Regiment
Wyver, R. Sapper R.E.
Yeo, – . R.A.F.
Young, – Bombardier R.A.
Young, John . .
Zeederberg, K. Rating R.N.
. . .
. . .
Women’s Services . .
. . .
Brenchley, Hilda . W.A.A.F.
Brenchley, Joy . W.A.A.F.
Edmonds, E. . A.T.S.
Harrison, Joy . A.T.S.
Rose, Mary . A.T.S.
Ruck, I.E. . A.T.S.

Many of these names are instantly recognisable as people from old Whitstable families but additional names are now becoming apparent from the influx of newer residents.

A number of the men serving in the Buffs are listed as ‘Prisoner of war in Germany’. Further details of how and why will be investigated in the future.