The Castle by the Sea

Published June 1949

A castle by the sea. One that has seen the slow passage of many centuries. Not a ruined crumbling castle, with broken, crumbling walls, but one that stands like an imperishable rock on green and alluring Tankerton hill.

It started as a tower from which watch was kept over sea and land for approaching

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Another Whitstable Trade

This is the title of an article that Charles Dickens penned in 1860. It begins, “If it had not fallen to the lot of Whitstable to be celebrated for its oysters and its company of free dredgers, it might have claimed a word of notice for producing that rarest of all workmen, the sea diver.”


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Dave Lee MBE

Dave Lee MBE

It was the summer of 1969 when I first met Dave Legge. Dave worked as a washing machine engineer for the same company that my father worked for as a TV engineer. My father, in an effort to increase his income, purchased two ice-cream vans and Dave helped him out as a driver

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