My Whitstable Times articles

In January 2013 I started contributing some local history articles to the Whitstable Times newspaper. The reasons were varied but included returning some continuity from the days when Tony Blake wrote articles and the reality that newer residents had little knowledge of the rich history in their vicinity.

I enjoyed the weeks were when someone else was inspired to write an article for inclusion, or when a letter arrived from a reader adding more information to an article I had written. It’s things that like that make it worthwhile.

Writing a newspaper article is different from writing a web page. On the web there are few restrictions such as word count and quantity of images, so these articles tend to be like tasters, with less specific detail but with clues for readers to find out more if they have the interest. Some of these articles are based on content elsewhere on this site but in the different format.

Having retained copyright, I am publishing them here for archive purposes at a suitable time period after their original publication in the Whitstable Times. After all, they are intended to encourage people to read our local paper and keep in touch with the community, as they have done since 1864.

  • Go fetch the coal Son
  • Beyond the facts
  • Another Whitstable Trade
  • Poor Willie
  • Unique Whitstable
  • Parking on History