Identity Cards

Contributed by:            Thanet Libraries
People in story:             Enid Chidwick, Mabel Hutchings,
Location of story:          Whitstable.
Background to story:    Civilian
Article ID:                     A2651447
Contributed on:            20 May 2004

Enid and her mother came to England on the last boat out of Singapore after it fell. Enid’s father Leonard and Brydon and Nevis her brothers stayed and were captured. Enid and Mabel Enid’s mother did not receive any news of them for the next two years.

Enid and Mabel arrived in Liverpool at the time Enid was suffering with mumps. The authorities wanted to get them out of Liverpool as soon as possible due to the danger of bombing there. They were sent by train to Whitstable as they had a relation they could stay with there. On arriving at Whitstable they were not allowed to enter the town and the police were called as neither had identity cards. The police interviewed Enid and her mother and as Mabel had a passport they issued Enid and Mabel each with an identity card and they were able to stay in Whitstable.

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