Whitstable Daily Image 2010

Whitstable Daily Image 20100101a. "Zero Knots" on Twitpic

Zero Knots

Some of us get really into photography, learn every aspect of their camera and then use it to create and display the results as an art form. Some of us purely use a camera to record memories of people, place or events for the family album.

I belong to the second group but in addition I tend to record what I callĀ  ‘A moment in time’. Had it not been for photographers in the past taking such shots of places or events we wouldn’t have any images to compare ‘then’ against ‘now’.

So, in reference to those who have left us a legacy of pictures of Whitstable, I will be uploading, via Twitter and Twitpic, a picture each day of 2010. Some might show a specific event on that day, a few will be from archive if I am working away. The titles may be slightly cryptic but understandable to those who know the town or it s history. All will hopefully give a flavour of the town and many will be related to its heritage and history.

By the end of the year there will be 365 ‘Moments in Time’ of Whitstable and perhaps by then the discipline would have made me a better photographer.

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