E.B. Articles

Starting in 1946, a columnist calling himself simply ‘E.B.’ wrote a number of articles in the Whitstable Times. This person, male or female, (we’ve not yet been able to identify him/her), seemed to have an affinity with the history of the town and was able to talk with ease with many members of the old Whitstable families.

The legacy that E.B. has left us, is a fascinating insight into these people and their lives. Whilst most of the articles are based around known facts, many more personal memories are brought to life with local pride and a style that helps paint the picture of our ancestors and town, together with personal quotes from individuals that are a wonderful bonus for any family history researcher.

These pages are exact transcripts of the articles that relate to the town. Even if you do not find any connections within them, simply reading them will give you the experience and feeling of knowing these people and the lives they lived.

Update; January 2018.

After years of failed attempts to track down who E.B. was, I have now been able to prove that he was Ernest Brindle. He worked for the Daily Mail in roles such as War Correspondent, often in the Far East.

I also believe that at some point he lived in Gladstone Road, Whitstable.

E.B. Notes of the Week articles:

  • A Holiday in Whitstable
  • Anderson, Rigden and Perkins
  • Memories of the Whitstable Divers
  • The way it was – Edmond Gann OBE
  • They all had Nicknames
  • William Chandler, carpenter and undertaker