Another Whitstable Trade

This is the title of an article that Charles Dickens penned in 1860. It begins, “If it had not fallen to the lot of Whitstable to be celebrated for its oysters and its company of free dredgers, it might have claimed a word of notice for producing that rarest of all workmen, the sea diver.”


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Another Whitstable Trade - by John Bevan pt.1

Another Whitstable Trade by John Bevan

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting up once again with Dr. John Bevan of the Historical Diving Society. The occasion was the Whitstable launch, at Whitstable Museum, of his new illustrated book of helmet diving history, very appropriately named “Another Whitstable Trade” – the title Charles Dickens

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1860 - Another Whitstable Trade

This article, by John Hollingsworth, appeared in many books and journals in the 1860’s to 1870’s. Hollingsworth worked for while with Charles Dickens and might also be credited with the article, commonly associated with Dickens, about the Whitstable Oyster dredgers in 1850.

Make do and mend

Contributed by:              embroidery
People in story:              Diana Muriel Walker (now Symons) and (Mother) Gladys Walker
Location of story:          Golden Hill, Whitstable, Kent
Background to story:   Civilian
Article ID:                         A3086732
Contributed on:              04 October 2004

It was a fine clear morning in May 1942 and Mother and I were in the kitchen baking, in our

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