Beyond the facts

In this world of Twitter and Facebook life’s events contract into microcosms of history – fleeting moments soon forgotten. Local newspapers tell so much more and over a greater time span. By their existence they help you far more in understanding the lives of our ancestors and townspeople.

As an example we’ll take two dwellings from

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1922 - The Oyster Fleet of Whitstable

Published by The Graphic in September 1922, this page is better seen in its original layout rather than being de-constructed for the web.

A new car for the New Year

We start 2012 off with a Whitstable Times picture from exactly 50 years ago.

Ford Anglia – I bet these guys thought they had reached the pinnacle of their jobs with these.

Fifty years on: Garage gone, Arthur Collar Ltd gone, Rover gone. Residential flats now where this picture was taken – Tankerton Road, to

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Oyster Eating Records

It seems that the Oyster Eating Competition, part of the annual Whitstable Oyster Festival, may actually have its roots in history with the discovery of this article.

From the Evening Post, 28th October 1922.

The oyster feats which mark the opening of the season at Whitstable produce some interesting records in the consumption of this delicacy, but

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1866 - Oyster-Dredging at Whitstable

From The Penny Illustrated in 1866


As oyster-eating is a favourite indulgence in London and our other large cities, so oyster-breeding and oyster-dredging are profitable occupations in various towns on the coasts of the three kingdoms; and in none more so than Whitstable, in Kent. It is a peculiar mystery, that of oyster-dredging, and

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