Whelks booklet

Whelks may not be of interest to many except those partial to the consumption of them, but they do have a place in the economic and working history of Whitstable in the 20th century.

Prior to the whelk fishing families from Sheringham in Norfolk arriving in Whitstable, bringing with them their sturdy boats and specialist whelk

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1872 - Whitstable & Seasalter Parish Magazine

The following baptism, marriage and burial announcements were found in a book, entitled ‘Parish Magazine’ which turned out to be a book of Sermons, short stories, historical reports and some illustrations. I would imagine many such books were printed where, like here, the last few pages were the local church magazine.

In this case these pages

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The Morrison Table Shelter

Whilst researching one item you very often come across the mention of another which intrigues. This was the case with a quote from Mrs. Dunn, nee Shingleston after she was rescued from her bombed house in 1941. She said, “We dived into the Table Shelter. Almost immediately the whole house seemed to crash on top

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Action Stations 1940 - The defence of Whitstable

A reprint of Whitstable historian Tony Blake’s booklet about the Home Guard in Whitstable during WW2. Oystertown is indebted to Tony for allowing its publication here to reach a wider audience.


Image of Home Guardsman, Doug Young

Fifty years have elapsed since out town faced the possibility of invasion and I hope the following pages

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