My Whitstable Times articles

In January 2013 I started contributing some local history articles to the Whitstable Times newspaper. The reasons were varied but included returning some continuity from the days when Tony Blake wrote articles and the reality that newer residents had little knowledge of the rich history in their vicinity.

I enjoyed the weeks were when someone else

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Memories of a tiny Fishing Port

Folk often say to me, “You must have seen many changes in your long life.”

And I remember that when my schooldays ended in February 1905, Whltstable was a compact small fishing town with 100 sailing, fishing vessels moored in the bay, and a harbour full of saIling ships bringing coal from Newcastle and South Shields.


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1897 – Flood report

From the Whitstable Times after the flood.

At Whitstable there was some ominous in the swirl and impetus of the water that was running, which, to the experienced eye betokened mischief, but nothing so calamitous as what happened was ever anticipated.
In the ordinary course, the tide would have been at its height on Monday at 3.54,

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1962 – Old headstones at All Saints moved

This is an article we discovered in a Whitstable Times issue from 1962. It is interesting for historical as well as family history research reasons. When it is possible we will obtain some up to date pictures to accompany this article.

Oldest Gravestones Make Way For Church Extension

The building of an extension to All Saints’ Church,

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1917 - Excerpts from the Whitstable Times

Some more snippets from the local newspaper. News of Whitstable men serving in the Great War is mixed with the everyday news of a quiet town getting on with things. The odd photograph is starting to appear in the paper and it is more strongly biased towards local issues with less emphasis on surrounding towns.


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