The Morrison Table Shelter

The studs are there to hold the wire mesh sides of the shelter in posifion. when the studs are fixed, the rails are ready and you can begin to set up the shelter.

Second stage


Stand the four heavy angle legs (marked 1 on the diagram) upright on the floor, each one about where a corner of the shelter will come. (You can judge the distance by the length of the side and end rails.) Pick out the four bottom rails (they are marked 3 and 5, and have more small holes than the top rails), place them on the floor between the legs, and bolt them to the legs, one by one, with 16 of the 32 large bolts, as shown in Figure 2. The heads of the bolts should be outside and the nuts inside the legs. Take care that the rails are fixed the right way up, that is, on edge with the horizontal part upper­most and clear of the floor.

Do not tighten the nuts yet; you will need to be able to move the legs and rails a little when you are fixing the top of the shelter.

Third stage

Hold the top rails in position, one at a time (horizontal side on top), and bolt them to the legs with the remaining 16 large bolts, putting the heads of the bolts outside and the nuts inside the legs. Don’t tighten the bolts yet.