The Morrison Table Shelter


Fifth stage

Tighten up all bolts, firstly those holding the top plate in position and then those connecting the top and bottom rails to the uprights.

Sixth stage

Lay the six long mattress strips in position and fix a spring on one end and a hook on the other end of each. Put the springs and the hooks on alternate ends so that at each end of the shelter every second strip will be fastened by a spring. Fit the springs into their holes in the top edge of the rail, and use the special (“button hook “) tool to pull on the hooks and clip them into their holes in the opposite rail.

Thread each of the twelve short mattress strips over and under the long strips and fix them in the same way as the long strips, hooks and springs at alternate ends. The short strips should be alternately over and under each long strip.

After the mattress strip hooks have been fixed it is essential to close them up tight to the rail as shown in Figure 5A; if this is not done the hook is liable to open and slip out.

This can be done with a pair of wide-jawed carpenter’s pincers. If these are not available, the end can be hammered up with a heavy spanner or hammer held sideways whilst the