The raw date on this site, while useful for many purposes, can only tell so much about the town and its people.

Images and pictures, old and new, add another dimension. This gallery section brings the subject to life. What better, having traced an ancestor, than to see a picture of them, or a place that they were associated with.

Many of the images in the gallery have a full description, whilst others are displayed here hoping that you can add to our knowledge.

Among the sub-sections you will find comparison pictures of ‘Then and Now’, enabling you tio see the changes, if any, over a time span. Other sections such as the ‘Out and About’ depict life and views in Whitstable today. Objects found around the world that have relevance to Whitstable, Seasalter, Swalecliffe or Chestfield are collated here in an attempt to bring together, in one place, these lost pearls from the past.

‘Your Pictures’ is the area where we can display pictures from your own family collections to help form a virtual museum of Whitstable people and places.

As you peruse these pages you will find many things that are gone forever, but by being here will still exist for the memory of some and as a memorial to those townspeople who were responsible for them.

Change is inevitable, even for Whitstable. The Natives no longer have control over such things so it is more important than ever to be able to record such changes as a historical record for the town and its people.

The Gallery Sections.

Out and About.Current images from around Whitstable and its vicinity. Sometimes tied to a certain topic and sometimes just for the fun of it.
Then and Now.By comparing pictures taken today with similar images from the past subtle as well as major changes become apparent.
Name the People.Pictures of people with no names. They could be your ancestors. They could be you. Help us name the people.
Whitstable Curio’s.No, we’re not talking about people. These is where all of the bits and pieces go. They all have a Whitstable connection. Postcards, medals, odd pictures and more, collected from around the world.