Where can I find out about?

At Oystertown we believe one of the main benefits of the internet is the amazing depth of knowledge available on any subject. This section of the site is here to help you find that source, whether it be family history, genealogy, Whitstable, or even a look around what this site has available.

The four sub-divisions should cover that desire.

Oystertown – Links section. SitemapIf you hate menu’s and prefer to surf around via text links then the site map will guide to our main sections. From here you can explore those sections, whilst links within the text on pages will take you to further connected information on that subject.
Local Whitstable SitesWhitstable is well supported through a number of local websites which cover a wide variety of different aspects and views of life in the town. Also included are local sites that have historic connotations or support local churches or charities.
Family History SitesAn easy to find reference to all your favourite family history sites plus a few more you may not have discovered before. This page also covers local history links relevant to Whitstable and Kent.
Sources and BooklistThere is a saying amongst Family Historians who use the internet that you must not believe everything you read. We agree with this so where possible Oystertown will try to give you the opportunity to verify information on these pages through it’s original sources.Where local books are used for reference and quotes you will find out more about that book so that you may purchase it (not from us, we are non-commercial).